OkEq Board cancels events in response to COVID-19

From the board of Oklahomans for Equality, Tulsa Oklahoma

To our family, friends, community, clients, and supporters,

OkEq strives to be continually mindful of the healthcare crisis sweeping our city, state, country, and beyond. While we have no desire to cancel any services that benefit our community: your health, safety, and wellness is our primary concern.

With this in mind, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors has unanimously agreed that it is in the best interests of the community we serve to cancel the following events:
PRIDE Bingo, scheduled for tonight

  • Equality Business Alliance March Mixer, scheduled 3/18
  • Third Thursday in the Rainbow Room, scheduled 3/19
  • Health Clinic ribbon-cutting scheduled 3/20
  • Gala Patron Party, scheduled 3/20
  • TDOV Trans Health Fair, scheduled 3/29

Other programming may also be canceled through the month of March, on an as-needed basis. Please check the online calendar for specific programming developments. Again, I want to assure you that this decision was not made lightly, and we take our mission to provide the necessary services to this community very seriously.

Visit www.okeq.org.

OkEq seeks equal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals and families through intersectional advocacy, education, programs, alliances and the operation of the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center. Nothing will break our focus or dampen our commitment to this mission. As we all go through this time of uncertainty, we encourage everybody to exercise the best personal healthcare practices and always know that OkEq is, and always will be, here for you all. Be safe. Be careful. Stay strong.


Chris Brecht-Smith, Board President

The Gayly. 3/16/2020 @ 2:26 p.m. CST.