Oklahoma City students commit to walk out on budget cuts

Oklahoma City Public School District's students are walking out on their failed schools.

by Makalyn Kowalik
Journalism Intern

Oklahoma City Public School students continue to fight back against the $30 million budget cuts planned for the upcoming school year.  Hundreds of middle and high school students at four separate Oklahoma City schools have staged a walkout to protest continued cuts in the district's budget.

District officials estimate close to 900 students walked out of class on Monday at U.S. Grant and Northwest Classen high schools, 150 students from Star Spencer Highschool, along with another 100 students at Jefferson High School.

Dozens of students from U.S. Grant High School later went to the north steps of the Capitol and chanted, "Save our schools!"

The walkouts come on the same day the Oklahoma City Public School District's Associate Superintendent Aurora Lora is expected to make final recommended cuts of $7 million from the upcoming school year's budget. That will bring total cuts to the district for next year's budget of $30 million.

This Wednesday the 18th, Lora will be attending a meeting held at Classen School of Advanced Studies to discuss the upcoming year’s budget cuts and how it will be affecting this school directly. Teachers, parents and, of course, students are welcome to come ask questions and pose concerns.

These walkouts are just another example of how the youth of OKC are letting the district know that they are aware of what is going on, they are not happy and they will not tolerate it.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.
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