Oklahoma MMJ powerhouses collaborate to help cancer patients

One year since the passing of SQ 788 Oklahoma, medical marijuana (MMJ) patients are feeling the pinch in their pocketbooks. The average cost of a patient medicating themselves for an illness like cancer can be well over a thousand dollars a month.

Many Oklahomans who are looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals or relief from the symptoms and the side effects of their cancer treatments cannot afford medical marijuana. APCO MED and Operation Zero are collaborating to solve this issue for Oklahoma’s cancer patients who desperately need medication but can’t afford it as they present The Black-Tie Event at APCO’s flagship store in Oklahoma City.

The Black-Tie Event is an opportunity for generous Oklahomans to contribute to this worthy cause. Proceeds from ticket sales and the funds raised during the silent auction will go towards getting this medicine into the hands of Oklahoma cancer patients. Refreshments will be served, and there will be a live DJ.

“Having the chance to partner with Tokieland Entertainment and an organization like Operation Zero lets APCO MED be a small part of the healing so desperately needed here in Oklahoma,” said APCO MED Founders, Ford Austin and Shayna Marino. “It’s why we got into this business.

“Everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer.  We want the story to read; everyone knows someone who has survived cancer or was helped by medical marijuana on their healing journey.”

The mission of Operation Zero is to get natural medicine into the hands of verified cancer patients with zero-profit from seed to sale. These medicines, Full Extract Cannabis Oil [FECO] and Rick Simpson’s Oil [RSO], contain the broadest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available. Since the oil is so highly concentrated, the starting dose is the size of one grain of rice taken daily.

Operation Zero is not only a non-profit organization; it’s a support network. And it provides more than just medicine. Operation Zero provides hope and help. This group of people and businesses across Oklahoma coming together to tell our community, "we will not forget about you in your darkest hour.”

Tickets for The Black-Tie Event are $75 each or $125 for two, and may be purchased by visiting the Facebook Black-Tie event page.

The event will be held at APCO’s flagship store at 313 NW 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 on Sunday, August 18, at 7 p.m. to raise money benefiting Operation Zero’s “Penny RSO Program.”

The Gayly. 8/12/2019 @ 12:31 p.m. CST.