Scandalous Tales LGBT+ web series; a first for Oklahoma

The cast of "Scandalous Tales." Photo provided.

by Mahkesha Hogg
LGBT+ Black Issues Columnist

I first heard about the web series, Scandalous Tales, while at a local club. The cast was there raising money for their production. Up until then, I hadn’t heard of an LGBT+ web series and was quite intrigued.

I automatically thought having a web series of this caliber gives the Oklahoma City LGBT+ community uniqueness. I immediately took notice the cast were mostly black, or Latino and they had just wrapped up season one and were doing a casting call for season two.

I immediately knew I wanted to know more.

A couple months later my old high school mate Goldie Barclay, who plays the role of Jodie, introduced me to the creator, director and writer Alexandria Carr. Carr identifies as a lesbian and came up with the idea for this series from collaboration with Brandi Stewart, founder of OKC Urban Pride.

It was very important for Carr to feature real life issues and not just focus on partying. One of the most prevalent issues in the black gay community is MSM (men who sleep with men) or men on the “down low.” This issue is featured in the role of Jakob, who is married to a female.

Many black women are married to MSM unbeknownst to them.

Scandalous Tales covers an array of other real-life topics relevant to POC LGBT+ such as transphobia within our community, violence, mental health, infidelity and coming out, just to name a few. Oh, and don’t worry, there are sex scenes. Yes, sex with a little nudity displayed. But it’s not the corny Cinemax type of sex; it’s passionate with a purpose type of sex.

I think this series puts Oklahoma on the map, and I love it. I did not know there were many other web series online, and to know Oklahoma has its very own is a huge deal for the LGBT+ community, especially for the black and POC LGBT+ community.

I like to highlight positive things brown queerlings (queer darlings) are involved in because it might inspire someone who thought they could not achieve. Like Carr said, “A lot of people don’t think LGBT+ people are doing things other than partying, drinking and having sex. We are out here having families, we have professions, and we’re making it happen.”

Another thing I love about Scandalous Tales is it highlights OKC surroundings as they film in various familiar OKC locations such as the Paseo, downtown and Lake Hefner.

I was also quite surprised at the quality of the camera work and the video. The fluidity of scenes and placement of characters was impressive.

Scandalous Tales is definitely worth the watch and I cannot wait to see what season two holds. Will Neeyah leave her husband and end up with Sasha? Will Lex’s girl leave him after finding out he’s trans? Will Jakob stop being a ho’? Will Chantelle stay mentally stable?

I’m excited to see what Carr & Nastachia Wells come up with for season two which premieres sometime this summer. All I know is the scandals won’t stop and I love it!

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The Gayly. May 11, 2018. 9:50 p.m. CST.