September 2018 Astrology Highlights and Horoscopes

by Joshua Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

  • September 6 – Saturn moves direct.
  • September 9 – New moon in Virgo.
  • September 10 – Mars moves in to Aquarius.
  • September 22 – Sun enters Libra. Fall equinox.
  • September 24 – Full moon in Aries.
  • September 30 – Pluto moves direct.

Aries: You are being asked to move on or create some distance with whatever has you feeling bound or trapped this month. Some alone time in a new environment could prove beneficial. Don’t be afraid to speak up for what you need; it will be extended.

Taurus: Passionate feelings are being expressed and shared. Now is not the time to hold back. You are being invited to go all-in this month.  Be vulnerable with your message. The response you get will be well received. A gift makes its way to you.

Gemini: Good counsel surrounds you. Long-term investments look positive right now. Others are more receptive to you at this time. You have a strong ability to win them over. Let yourself bask a little in your achievements. You should be proud.

Cancer: A very clear message or answer makes its way to you. Your ambition is revived.  Fruitful career or money decisions can be made. Enlightenment gives you lasting and worth-while information that paves the way for your future wellbeing. Be a bit practical.

Leo: If you can think it, Leo, you can achieve it. Take measures this month, especially when it comes to finances. Start the journey, and you will be met along the way. You won’t need to do all of the work or searching. Your fire is lit, and captivating. You see past fantasy.

Virgo: Think about what you really want, what you really crave this month. Set your goal. Take the support that comes to you. Learn a bit more. You are being set up for success. Practical steps will ensure consistent flow. You are magnetic. 

Libra: Something is coming full circle for you in a very precise and big way. A feeling of achievement is available to you. You’re really understanding your role in the world this month. Love and opportunity are strong, especially in this first week. 

Scorpio: You are taking a firm stand. Close relationships especially involving family might be pressing your buttons. Know you may not have all the answers. Some truths are coming out which may be unwanted, but they will be freeing.  Drop your guard a little.

Sagittarius: There is a need to do some financial planning this month. Reassess where you are putting your energy and what the payoff is. You may need to put in extra efforts and time, but whatever it is you’re working on will lighten your life and souls’ path.

Capricorn: The motivation to work, build, and produce results is powerful this month. Trust in this urge and the thing you are creating. I feel it is positive for you. A lasting foundation can be found on this creative path you are on. Be inspired.

Aquarius: Give yourself the time and compassion to heal old relationship wounds. Now is a good time to evaluate your feelings. Some wise relationship advice may be making its way to you. Let your feelings shine through creative expression this month.

Pisces: Manifest from the lessons you’ve learned. You can create from a vulnerable and spiritual place this month. Let yourself be vulnerable with others too. I see some old and new relationships pop in. You may benefit from some occult practice.

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