A spring changeup should be an essential part of your fitness

(First of two parts)

by Christopher B. Robrahn
Fitness Columnist

Hey, welcome to the spring season! Warming temperatures, more hours of sunlight, and greater availability and desire to be active are just some of the benefits of spring. Many people feel better as March and April arrive. 

I’ve often thought of spring as the most important time of year to evaluate and change up your exercise, fitness and health.

Why? Most of us understand and appreciate the fact that activity is beneficial for us. Over time consistent activity and exercise can lead to a longer, more active lifestyle as we age. We look and feel better.  

To improve our health and fitness requires us to take a step further. We must challenge our physical bodies to improve. That can be a task indeed because that challenge requires a step outside the comfort zone and routinely changing up what we are doing.   

You have your goals. Gaining strength and improving fitness may not be your focus. Perhaps it’s maintenance, but following the same old routine won’t maintain you for the long term. We mentally get tired of our routines as time elapses, and a new and fresh approach can make a world of difference.

So how effective was your New Year’s resolution when it came to a start at improving your health? If you started a program or changed it up, congratulations! I always think that winter exercise is an investment in your fitness future.

That future arrives with spring. You’ve invested time in a new or improved you and the results can be awesome. If you didn’t want or have time to consider it during the winter, now is the best time to get focused and get active.

In fitness, we talk about the “mind, body, spirit” link quite frequently. A changeup with your spring exercise activity is about far more than physical fitness; it’s about renewal, a fresh changeup in mindset, of focus and activity which is essential for long term success.

With the change in seasons, everything around us changes. The environment looks different; smells are different, wildlife changes, our wardrobe lightens up. Make some exciting changes to your fitness activity as well. The results can be incredible.

Take a moment and evaluate your physical activity. Are you happy with what you are doing now? Add or substitute a new activity for the one you participate in currently. Change can be a challenge for many (myself included), but the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term aggravation of change. Your long-term health will appreciate your physical investment.

In part two (April’s issue of The Gayly) of my spring changeup columns, I will talk about specific things to consider for a healthy changeup. For example, “What is Yoga?” the title of my first show produced for the weekly program, Spirit of Fitness in 2013.

We’ll also talk about how Pilates, Gyrokinesis, Gyrotonic, swimming and bodyweight training can all bring a fresh perspective to fitness.  

Meanwhile, enjoy the warmer weather and all the activities it lends you.

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