Stacey Abrams: The shero who is taking over

Stacey Abrams speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. CNN image via Getty.

by Mahkesha Hogg
Black LGBT+ Issues Columnist

In honor of National Hero’s Day on August 27, I have decided to express my gratitude for former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives Stacey Abrams.

When I first heard about her, she had won the Democratic nominee for Georgia Governor – the first African American woman to win this type of nomination in the U.S.

I thought, “Wow this beautiful black woman did this? In Georgia?”

I heard her speak, and she spoke about helping all Georgians especially the marginalized. At this point, I did not know she was a lesbian.

I found out she was a lesbian after I recently did an internet search for black LGBT+ candidates. I was thrilled her sexual identity did not make the headlines.

I feel sometimes the media will focus on an LGBT+ person’s identity instead of their achievements. Their sexual or gender identity is only one component of who they are. Once the public knows a candidate is LGBT+, they tend to only focus on their identity which is counterproductive to them learning about their platform.

Stacey Abrams has managed to control her image and let people know she means business when it comes to bettering the lives of the citizens of Georgia. This attorney is a shero (female hero) in many other ways besides politics.

She also started a non-profit which helps small businesses thrive, according to Abrams is an author and has written novels mainly dealing with love, suspense and romance. She’s well rounded with brains, beauty and creativity.

I could have a beer with this gal!

Abrams grew up in poverty and to me, living through those experiences is what makes the best politician. It makes her relatable. I can only imagine how being queer, poor and black in the south affected her worldview. I haven’t read anything about her family being affirming of her identity while growing up, but maybe she will write a book about it.

Could Abrams be the first African American Governor? Hell, could she be the first African American female President? Can you imagine having a lesbian first lady?

If it is not her then she surely has set the example and given hope to young black LGBT+ people, they can achieve this. For these reasons, I consider her a shero. A shero will fight for equality, keep her composure, stand firm on her views, show men she is a force to be reckoned with; and looks fly while doing it!

Stacey’s win is a result of the progressive blue wave sweeping red states because people are tired of the conservative sh!*. She is showing our country she is not afraid to accomplish things many people doubt she can.

I hope to see her waving a rainbow flag on the night of her win and maybe even at her being sworn in as the Governor of Georgia. That would be astounding to see!

Sometimes it takes a black woman – a black lesbian – to do the job. She can. She will. She does. Shero.

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