When it comes to fitness, forget the resolutions

by Christopher B. Robrahn
Fitness Columnist

It is almost tradition to come up with those New Year's resolutions. We resolve to change many things in life: income, money management and, of course, improving health and wellness.

I don't know how many times I've heard people talking about how the time has come, and they are ready for fitness needs to rank at the top of their New Year's plans.

When it comes to fitness, make January a month of action with a renewed fitness lifestyle rather than a resolution.

Over the last couple of months, I've talked about the need to incorporate exercise and fitness into your holiday plans.

With the new year, shouldn't a review your fitness status and review your goals and strategies?

The answer can certainly be "yes." A review and assessment can make sense with the start of the new year. Periodic assessments in your health, your improvements and needed focus can always be a healthy thing to do.

A word about resolutions. I tend to think of them as being a ‘pie in the sky' comment about self-improvement which, in reality, may not have any bearing on making lifestyle changes. If you have the resolution to quit smoking, my questions would be, "How do you plan to be successful with that resolution? What action do you plan to take to be successful?"

The same with fitness. Forget ambiguous resolutions. If you are new to exercise, start with some basic plans on how you can achieve success. Even if you decide to walk a mile a day, you should have a set time to do that activity and determine when you will and won't do it. Also in advance, establish your path to walk the mile.    

If a fitness facility has been foreign territory to you, perhaps you should start by selecting a gym, getting input from the staff and trainers and deciding if you are comfortable with your selection. Be articulate about what you want to achieve and make any new fitness plan realistic. Ask yourself, do you have the time to commit to the gym? If so, when and how?

Of course, I'd like to see you make your fitness goals long term and adopt a fitness lifestyle for the rest of your life. Eat reasonably, reduce alcohol, don't smoke and reduce stress (the first three will lead to less stress!).

But first things first; your first few steps begin the path to achieve success. Then celebrate and settle on some more substantial goals. You will look and feel amazing!

So, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2018 is a great year, but as you think about what the new year can mean to you, don't forget what amazing changes you can make on your health path. 

You can make it happen. Make it a healthy 2018!

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