Why not do something for Pride that you can be proud of?

by Amanda Kerri


Transgender Issues Columnist

So, you’re probably reading this from the copy you picked up as you waited six feet away from the greeter at a restaurant where you were picking up mimosas to go. You do know you can make mimosa’s at home, right?

Also, you totally were only three feet away, not six. You weren’t even wearing a mask. What the hell is the matter with you, you crazy person? This is why there’s no Pride this year. Thanks, jackass.

This is where we are. We’re trying to make due and trying to keep some sort of normal life, and it’s all been taken away. Even if we’re able to go out and head out to bars, we’re still a little skittish of anyone who looks a little tired and has a cough. Well, I was up late last night, and I’m a smoker, so quit judging me.

We’re all a bit tired and worn out from the social distancing, the sitting at home each night, and the lack of social context. If you’re also one of the unlucky ones, you’re also out of work, no one is hiring, and you’re low on cash. Or you could be like me and be one of those who have been driving to work every day through all of this and have had no way to blow off steam and have fun on the weekends.

My pets are frankly tired of me workshopping standup comedy routines on them. They’re sketchy comedy types.

I know we’re desperate to have some fun and enjoy life, and when that gets pent up and finally get a chance to have fun, there’s the temptation to honestly to something stupid. Sort of like when you party all night, trying to get lucky and come last call in the unflattering light of the house lights being up, you take one look at the only other desperate person and decide, “Sure, why not?” Don’t, just don’t. There are some mistakes you just can’t undo, and some require more than penicillin.

This year for Pride, why not do the complete opposite of what you do at Pride every year. You know, something incredibly embarrassing, reckless that can probably kill you.

Yes, we’re allowed right now to head back out to the bars, but let’s at least try to be a little bit reasonable. Let’s not pack them to capacity, sweat on each other, and get generally sloppy.

I know the bar and club owners wish otherwise because I know they’re hurting right now. It breaks my heart knowing my friend who recently bought a bar is probably going to go out of business through no fault of his own because of all of this plague and the fact the government can’t get relief money to small business owners who need it.

So, for Pride this year, why not do something smart and productive and not something you’ll regret later. Why not call your Congressman and the Governor and tell them they need to protect our small businesses, our charity organizations, and our foundations by getting their shit together and getting the relief money our friends and community members need.

Why not do something for Pride that you can be proud of?

Copyright The Gayly. 6/11/2020 @ 10:17 a.m. CST.