39th St. District announces 2019 Pride parade theme

From the 39th St. District:

After a month-long submission period, a tally at the Planning Potluck and a vote of the 39th St. Pride Advisory Board, the theme for the 2019 Pride Parade in Oklahoma City is Legends & Rebels.

It feels very fitting for 2019. It is because of the work of so many who came before us that we just elected the first openly gay member of City Council in Oklahoma City.

It is because of the folks at Angles standing up to the police that we can now enjoy 39th St. District without worrying about a police raid.

If not for the trans women of color, the artists, the activists, the factory workers.

If not for entertainers and bar owners. If not for protests & megaphones.

If not for the loud and also the quiet, we would never be where we are today.

We have a long history of rising up and shining brightly.

Worth mentioning is the second-place theme submitted was Imagine 2069. It’s something to think about as we celebrate our history and envision our future.

Here's to all you legends and rebels out there. Happy Valentine's Day. Love wins. We can't wait to see your floats!

39th St. District Pride vendor registration opens February 16, and performer application opens February 18.

Team registration is now open. Are you a crafty DIYer or fashionista? Do you like to create the perfect looks for the runway? Are you a 39th St. Performer that would like to show off your skills? Then register for REWERQ - 24 Hour Fashion Design Challenge - the first official fundraiser for 2019 39th St. District Pride in Oklahoma City. $1000 in prizes. Teams have 24 hours and just one Goodwill haul to create the best upcycled look on the catwalk. Click this link for more information or to register your team now.

The 39th St. District Pride parade will be held on Sunday, June 23.

To register for the 39th St. District parade, sign up here.

To donate to or sponsor the 39th St. District, click here.

The Gayly. 2/14/2019 @2:39 p.m. CST.