This Christmas, “We go high”

by Amanda Kerri
Trans Issues Columnist

It’s Christmastime. I love Christmas for so many reasons, the music, decorating the tree, the snap of cold in the air, the house decorations, buying presents, the music…I really like the music. Mostly though, it’s the things that are special to me. I’ve always enjoyed buying the presents for others more than getting them as I try to get them the perfect thing that they would never buy for themselves.

Also, important to me is the extra joy I get in donating something to a charity when I know how painful it is for a family to go without during this time of year. But the biggest thing for me has always been being together on Christmas morning with someone you care about. It doesn’t have to be someone you love, just someone you enjoy having in your life.

This would normally be where a lot of columnists would delve into some dark abyss about suicide rates and depression during the holidays for trans people. They would talk about poverty and what have you, but not me. Not this time, no, forget that noise. I was on a dark streak with my stuff for a long time and after Trump, it seems America is getting darker.

Forget that…no! I’m not going to do that. To paraphrase Michelle Obama, “We go high.” 

One last thing about Christmas I have always enjoyed is that it always feels like the end of the old and beginning of a new hope. Sure, we go out for New Year’s Eve and drink ourselves stupid to celebrate the new year, but for me, Christmas always felt like the end of the old miseries of the year getting washed away by some hot chocolate, tons of wrapping paper on the floor, laughter, and enjoying time spent together. It felt like things were going to be alright from now on, because if everything can be this great, why can’t it always be?

I know that this year may not be time to celebrate and be full of good cheer. We’re looking at a long road ahead of seeing our rights rolled back, more challenges, empowered bigotry, and more. And I say, no, stop it. Look at what we got this year. Look at our social advances, look at our legal ones.

We’re more out, open and proud than ever. It’s hard as hell to take away things like that once they are given, and despite what people may feel, there are more good people out there than bad. Yes, the next few years will be rough but we will not merely survive, but thrive. There is hope, there is possibility, and its example is Christmas.

We easily forget between the rushing to buy things, to cook, to wrap presents and plan trips to visit, that Christmas is based on two things, the birth of Jesus and the winter solstice. See, I’m covering both my bases here. If you’re religious or even spiritual, Jesus’ birth marks the fulfilment of a promise to make things better in the world.

If you’re more into science and or history, the winter solstice which comes at the same time of year, means that the growing darkness reaches its apex and then recedes, giving way to life giving light and warmth.

Pretty poetic huh? That’s why I like Christmas so much; it’s a time of renewal.

So, for Christmas this year my gift to you guys is the idea of renewal. Go out and go get in touch with an old friend, and no that does not mean looking them up on Facebook. Get out there and talk to people and not bury your face in your phone while playing Angry CandyMon.

Go. Renew your belief that people are good and that life is worth living to its best. Believe again that the system works if you participate in it. Relearn that people can be flawed but well-meaning and that you should forgive others’ faults just as they do for you. Believe again that things even when they seem dark can and will get better.

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