Free speech or hate speech?

The status of Straight Pride in California

Tempers are beginning to flare as Modesto, CA city council hears debate on holding Straight Pride. The Modesto city council meeting was packed on Wednesday to debate the event.

The focus was on whether a straight Pride event should be held in the city.

“This white supremacist rhetoric is not speech that deserves protection,” said Matthew Mason, an opponent of the event.

Critics say the Straight Pride coalition doesn’t represent heterosexuality, rather the group spreads a hateful anti-gay message and has white supremacists’ undertones.

Up until a few days ago, the group’s website claimed to support the superiority of whiteness and Western civilization, among other things.

“People need to support others for who they are,” said 12-year-old Alena Gomula Crusic. “If this group of people are allowed to express their fiery and hateful rhetoric, people will get hurt.”

But supporters say the event will be more like a church service that some people are trying to sensationalize.

 “I know everybody likes to go and celebrate sodomy, we actually want to celebrate heterosexuality,” said co-founder of the Straight Pride, Melinda Mason.

She said the event was based in love, speaking Christian truth. Her gay son is opponent of the event, Matthew Mason.

“I have personally heard her say hateful rhetoric in describing the LGBTQ+ community,” he said.

The vast majority of people at the city council meeting were opposed to the event being held in Modesto.

To view a video of a portion of the city council meeting, click the arrow above in the video link.

The Gayly. 8/8/2019 @ 12:23 p.m. CST.