Free Tulsa clinic for trans name changes

Tulsa attorney Alyssa Bryant. Photo provided.

by Hayden Smith
Staff Writer

Alyssa Bryant is affecting tangible positive change in the transgender community.

Bryant, an openly transgender lawyer operating in Tulsa, plans on holding free one-on-one clinics for transgender people to change their names once a month starting this July.

Bryant expects the clinics to be a streamlined, straightforward experience. “Name changes aren’t rocket science,” she says. “I’m not appearing in court, and some of them will be nervous to appear in a court setting. But this is a really simple process.”

During these one hour private sessions, Bryant plans to give clients the paperwork required for a name change and help them fill it out, answer questions, help with the process of passport and social security name changes and any other trans-related issues weighing on their mind, “as long as the name change paperwork is done, too,” she says.

Even with name changes, however, there can be a few complications along the way. For minors, name changes cannot be completed without consent from both parents, even if they’re split up. This could create the need for court intervention.

Other than in rare cases, however, the process should not take more than the paperwork and a bit of advice from a seasoned lawyer and community member like Bryant.

While the name change clinics will be entirely free due to its simplicity and ease, the process for other legal parts of transition are a bit more complex.

“Gender markers, I don’t charge much, but I have to charge something. That’s something I have to appear in court for,” says Bryant. “but this, I can just give them the paperwork.”

She also says that taking legal steps in changing your identity before appearing in court for a gender marker change sets a legal precedent holding no statute of limitations. This means that people working through a legal transition can take their time before coming to court with a stronger case and a swifter trial. For this reason, she recommends starting with a name change first before starting on anything else.

While Bryant is currently located in Tulsa, anyone in the state looking for assistance is encouraged to attend the clinic if they’re willing to travel to her.

Clinics will be held once a month, every third Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at a location provided when the appointment is made. Bryant requests that participants make an appointment. To schedule or to ask questions, call her office at (918) 600-4064.

For more information, visit Alyssa Bryant’s website at or send her an email at

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