39th St. District announces 2019 Pride Advisory Council

In planning for their upcoming scheduled Pride events, Oklahoma City’s 39th St. District has released the names of their Pride on 39th 2019 Pride Advisory Council. The list includes some of Oklahoma City’s shining stars.

Lauren Brazzle Zuniga, Director of 39th St. District
Anna Facci, Council Chair
Adam Graham, Council Chair
Hannah Royce, Programming & Community Relations
Rachel Leonhart, Volunteer Coordinator
Alex Hernandez, Logistics & Parade
Bret Streetman, Parade Captain, Legal
Charlene Ramey, Logistics & Printing
Samantha J. Marchand, Legal & Volunteers
Elizabeth Horn, Community Relations
Kris Williams, Youth Programming & Fundraising
Tim Reese, Legal
Nicholas Neyman, Logistics
Allie Shin, Programming & Community Relations
Sarah Adams-Cornell, Community Relations
Mackenzie Love, Fundraising & Family Programming
Evan Bottoms, Programming & Community Relations
Balthazar Hensley, Special Events

For those who don’t know about the 39th St. in Oklahoma City, it’s also known as “The Strip.” It’s the  lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) district in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The area is located along NW 39th Street in the city's northwest quadrant, just west of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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“We are excited to be working with an incredible team of LGBTQIA folks for this year's Pride festivities,” say organizers. “A diversity of talent, passion & professions, these folks are movers and shakers from all over OKC.

“Many have never volunteered for Pride before but have been doing important work in our communities and have a wealth of expertise.”

For a detailed bio on each person listed above, visit the 39th St. District website.

The Gayly - 1/31/2019 @ 4:06 p.m. CST.