Tactical training offered to LGBTQ+ community

by Ricky B. Crook
and Robin Dorner

The Praying Mantis is a well camouflaged insect which lies in ambush or patiently stalk their quarry. Joey Lewis kept these things in mind when creating his company, Mantis Global.

“I came up with the name Mantis Global because the mantis is an insect which is always evolving and adapting to its surroundings,” said Lewis. “The mantis never makes the same mistake twice.”

The company is a veteran-owned firearms and tactics training company that also provides security consulting and protective equipment.

Lewis has handled weapons and been around firearms most of his life.

“I got most of my experience during my time in the Marine Corps and the US Army,” said Lewis. “I teach from the very basics of handling of guns to the use of firearms in home defense and tactical shooting.”

Lewis has owned Mantis Global for two years.

“I run this company primarily by myself, but I do work with other veteran companies within Oklahoma and sometimes have other veterans help me with courses.”

Mantis Global offers classes that cater to a diverse group of clientele. Their classes range from basic weapon handling and self-protection, all the way to more complicated areas such as vehicle tactics for home defense.

In addition to the more traditional courses at Mantis Global, there are also a few nontraditional courses offered as well. The company offers classes for women as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I came up with the idea for the need for LGBTQ+ specific classes upon talking to a few of my friends who are gay.”

Lewis understands that the LGBTQ+ community are at a higher risk for needing to protect themselves.

In two years of owning Mantis Global, Lewis has seen and done many things in his classes. He jokes his most memorable experience was when he was teaching a young lady in a beginner’s pistol class, and a hot piece of brass went down her low-cut shirt.

“It was a learning moment for me not to be such a marine on the range and a learning moment for her to wear appropriate range attire.”

Lewis’s business is transformative; he seeks out people looking for tactical and firearms training, then helps turn them into the strong, elegant, and “blood-driven beast” for which his business is named after.

In a way, this evolution is full circle.

For more information, call (405) 921-0901 or email info@mantis-global.com.

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