Details regarding OKC school budget cuts released, community support requested

OKCPS budget cuts will greatly impact students and teachers. OKCPS Superintendent Aurora Lora calls for help. File photo.

(Oklahoma City) - The Oklahoma City Public School District recently detailed specific budget cuts that will impact schools during a "Back to School" principals meeting. Reductions explained to principals included:

•Fine Arts budgets will be reduced 50%, for a total reduction of $195,000.
•Library Media budgets will be eliminated, for a total reduction of $206,000.
•Elementary School budgets will be reduced significantly from $25 to $15 per student. This is an estimated $260,000 reduction.

"These are extremely difficult financial times, and tough decisions had to be made in order for the district to make up the $30-million dollar budget shortfall," said OKCPS Superintendent Aurora Lora.

Library Media cuts will impact the purchase of new resources for all schools. Fortunately OKCPS has built a solid collection of resources students will have available. The district has expanded online resources for students through myON Reader, and the Metropolitan Library Systems ONE Card Program.

Fine Arts reductions will impact supplies and transportation expenses. The district will focus reductions on transportation expenses in order to retain fine arts supplies in the classrooms.

Elementary school budgets will affect activity funds used for school supplies, and other in classroom needs paid for by school sites.

"We need the community's support more than ever," said Superintendent Lora.

Anyone interested in supporting OKCPS can do so through:

• Partners In Action:
• DonorsChoose:
• Volunteer:

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