Former OKC Pride President allegedly travels to Texas the weekend after excused from court due to COVID-19 exposure

By Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

The Gayly reported earlier this week that, in March, the former OKC Pride President, Lori Honecutt, pled guilty to embezzlement of OKC Pride funds. The embezzlement charge came shortly after OKC Pride 2018.

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Honecutt was to be in court for sentencing on May 15 but claimed she had been exposed to COVID-19. On May 13, it was agreed by the DA’s office and Honecutt’s attorney, David Slane, that the court date for sentencing would be reset to July 31 at 10:30 a.m.

The Gayly has discovered that on May 15, the day Honecutt was to be sentenced, she took to social media to share she was “southbound.” Of note, Honecutt uses the last name of “Standifer” on social media. She has many aliases.

On the thread of the post, dated May 15, Honecutt indicated she would be in Arlington.

On Sunday, May 17, Honecutt updated her profile picture which appears she is poolside at a hotel or other similar establishment.

That Monday, despite COVID-19 exposure, Honecutt checked in at Gold’s Gym Quail Springs location and commented she was "tired from the weekend."


On May 19, she shared some photos of her appearing to have fun with other women in an unknown location. It is unknown if the women in these photos or the establishment are aware of Honecutt’s COVID-19 exposure.

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