The Latest: Trump wins all 77 Oklahoma counties

Trump won 65 percent of the vote in Oklahoma. The Associated Press photo. Photo credit: J Pat Carter.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Latest on Oklahoma's general election results (all times local):

10:30 a.m.

Once again, Oklahoma went all in for the Republican in a presidential contest, with Donald Trump winning all 77 counties in the state.

Complete but unofficial results show that Trump won 65 percent of the vote in Oklahoma in Tuesday's election. Democrat Hillary Clinton received just under 29 percent, while Libertarian Gary Johnson captured more than 5 percent of the vote.

Trump performed best in western Oklahoma and the Panhandle. His greatest support came in Cimarron and Beaver counties in the Panhandle, where about 89 percent of voters favored Trump.

Clinton saw her strongest support in the state's largest population centers but did not win any of those counties. In Oklahoma County, she received 41 percent of the vote. Her next-best performance was in Tulsa, Cleveland and Comanche counties, where she received 35 percent of the vote.

A Democratic candidate for president hasn't won Oklahoma since Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and President Barack Obama failed to win a single one of the state's 77 counties in 2008 and 2012.


12:30 a.m.

With Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, the Republican Party steamrolled to a massive win in Oklahoma on Election Day, delivering the state's seven electoral votes to the GOP presidential nominee, winning all of the congressional seats on the ballot and increasing the party's majorities in the Legislature to historic levels.

Oklahoma voters also rejected a 1 percent sales tax to help fund teacher pay raises and enshrined the death penalty in the state constitution, making it more difficult for the Legislature or the courts to stop the state from executing condemned inmates.

With nearly all precincts reporting unofficial results, Lankford won a full six-year term to the U.S. Senate with nearly 68 percent of the vote, defeating a Democrat, a Libertarian and two independents.

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