New poll: LGBTQ voters overwhelmingly identify as Democrats

A recent BuzzFeed News poll shows that LGBTQ voters overwhelmingly identify as Democrats and ideologically center-left with the partisan gap at an astounding 53%.

"LGBTQ voters know that Democrats have stood by their side in the fight for equal rights and equal opportunity," said Lucas Acosta, DNC LGBTQ Media Director. "The Republican strategy of ignoring the LGBTQ community and erasing us from mentions on websites, all while trying to strip us of access to quality and affordable health care--has long lasting impacts on our community. With more LGBTQ Democratic candidates running up and down the ticket than ever before, LGBTQ voters will be an integral part of sending Democrats to victory this November."

Party Affiliation:

65% identify as Democrats

21% identify as Independents

12% identify as Republicans

Partisan Gap: 53%


59% identify as somewhat or very liberal

25% identify as moderate

11% identify as somewhat or very conservative

Ideological Gap: 48%

Political Engagement

88% are registered to vote

67% vote in state and federal elections

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