Oklahoma hits No. 1 in incarcerations in the U.S. and globally

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Democratic Party released the following statement on Oklahoma surpassing Louisiana with highest incarceration rate in the United States:

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is deeply troubled by our state's ranking in incarcerations and the continued failure of Mary Fallin, Todd Lamb and our Republican-run legislature's complacency in fixing our failed justice system. Instead of plans for new prisons, we should be investing in health services, jobs, education and re-entry programs that break the patterns leading to prison.

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Anna Langthorn said, "Mass incarceration disproportionately affects women and people-of-color. We must continue to push for reforms and focus on tackling addiction and substance abuse disorders."

"Republicans sit idly by as our state faces a financially crumbling and unfair justice system working against average Oklahomans," stated ODP State Affirmative Action Chair, Ali Canada. "Instead of investing in the mental and behavioral health services needed to help reduce repeat offenses Republicans have built a system of cyclical mass imprisonment that hurts us all."

Democrats are committed to fighting for justice reform, racial profiling based on race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin, and investing in prevention and treatment over incarceration.

The Gayly. June 12, 2018. 10:38 a.m. CST.