State Questions on the ballot for Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas for Nov. 6th

Several important state questions will be on the ballots for Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas this election cycle.  Each question has its supporters and opponents, but the outcomes will affect each citizen of each of the perspective states.  Rather than voice our opinion, or re-issue another of the many summaries already floating around, we have chosen to link our readers up to some of the better sites that will give the best summaries, some of the pros and cons, and perhaps some of the consequences, both intended and unintended, that passage or failure will bring.




Oklahoma Policy Institute:  A non-partisan think tank


Oklahoma Secretary of State


Oklahoma Prosperity Project:  A project of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce- Conservative, Pro-business


Project Vote Smart:  Non-partisan


Oklahoma Press Association- Non-partisan analysis- Very Good





Kansas has only one state question on its 2012 ballot and the following link says it all:





Project Vote Smart:  Non-partisan


Fayetteville Public Library:  Non-partisan- Good